Over the weekend I traveled back to my home state of Missouri to see Sam Hunt in St. Louis! He brought his 15 In A 30 Tour to the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre and it was one of the most fun concerts I've ever been to. Chris Janson and Maren Morris were on tour with him and (as usual) they did not disappoint either.

Chris Janson is actually from Perryville, MO so it was nice to seem him on stage. He sang his hits 'Buy Me a Boat' and his new one "Fix a Drink", among others of course. I missed most of his performance because I was in the meet and greet line for SAM HUNT!... And, it was worth the wait.

I couldn't believe how tall he was! This picture was taken at an angle to where it wasn't so noticeable.


He was also incredibly nice and seemed very humble. After, the meet and greet we got back to our seats just in time for Maren Morris to take the stage. And no I didn't see the new ring on her finger at the concert. One of my favorite parts of her performance was when she made the entire crowd sing along with her to "My Church" because she said the song needed a choir. Then it was on to Sam...

Before Sam took the stage he was definitely hyping the crowd up playing a mix of everything from classic country songs like Travis Tritt's "Here's a Quarter" to pop songs from artists like Selena Gomez. I think that's part of what I love about Sam Hunt is that he's so different. As he explained to the crowd during the concert, he grew up in Georgia listening to Alan Jackson. But in his teens he also had influences like Usher, so he fell in love with both hip hop/ R&B and country. And that definitely shows through in his music.

During the concert he played all of his hits, even ones that he wrote that were sang by other artists. For example, Keith Urban's "Cop Car". Sam had that song on his Acoustic Mixtape, which if you've never heard you've got to listen to!


The night ended with all of the artists taking the stage to sing Outcasts "Hey Ya!". It was the perfect ending to the perfect night. Sam has got to get to K-Hawk Country soon!