Jamie Lynn Spears

Throwback Thursday: “Zoey 101″ Ruled Your World
Sometime between January of 2005 and May of 2008, there was one show that made everything else in the world go away.  It was your show.  A complete guilty pleasure that at first you didn't want to admit, but then you realized EVERYONE was watching it, so all was good... until the Dece…
Britney Spears Will Be In Cedar Rapids?
Friday night is the big 4th of July McGrath Music on the River Concert featuring Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney Spears younger sister) who is launching her country music career.  She has confirmed her Mom, Dad, and daughter will be here, but what about her famous sister who is off on the holid…
What to Bring & What Not to Bring to the Jamie Lynn Spears Show
After the last two days, we're thrilled to report that the forecast for the 4th of July in Cedar Rapids is for a clear sky for the day and the night's concert and fireworks.  Pictured at a previous concert stop above, Jamie Lynn Spears seems to be relishing in the sunshine and all of …
Best Concert Venue In Cedar Rapids [POLL]
Summer is clearly concert season around town, with so many bands playing all over the place.  What we want to know is, where is your favorite place to catch a concert?  We've put a list together of some of the top spots.  So let your voice be heard!

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