It could happen!!!  Officials concede that contingency plans call for the Championship Game to be played at any point between Friday, Jan. 31 and Monday, Feb. 3 at MetLife Stadium... if weather conditions become severe.

2014 is the First Pro Football Championship to be played in an outdoor cold weather climate. Perhaps the NFL is now thinking... "what were we thinking putting the Big Game in NYC in Feb???"

Now before everyone starts panicking and getting their Big Game parties ready to go for another date... the league has said it would be able to handle a snowstorm of 12" of snow with no problem. It's the BIG BLIZZARDS with 18" or more that would be the game changer.

The current forecast from calls for "Mostly cloudy with a chance for a couple of snow showers, with a high of 36°." Remember... we're still 9 days away and a lot can change in 9 days!!!

Andrew Burton/Getty Images