What's going on?

CR Clean Up, Recovery Underway
The American Red Cross, the United Way, and the 2016 Flood of Cedar Rapids Facebook Page are places for information on how to help.
Watch We Rise Above [VIDEO]
Pop-alternative group FOUR STAR FATE releases "We Rise Above" music video for charity featuring images of local volunteers working to prevent flood damage.
Scamming Flood Victims
Cedar Rapids Police have already received reports of potential scams that are being perpetrated on citizens in the flood evacuation zone.
FEMA Urges Iowans To Prepare For Floods
At the end of today's press conference at City Hall, Cedar Rapids Mayor asked the city council to declare a state of emergency as the impending flood could top 24 feet by Monday evening.
Let's All Work Together
The Cedar River is projected to crest at more then 25 feet. Let's all work together. The Corridor needs our help.
BaconFest Postponed
Baconfest will be rescheduled to a later date to be determined. Instead, we ask that you join us in supporting the city's flood prevention efforts this weekend.
No More Flashing School Zone Signs
Outdated technology and the high cost of updating the technology are two reasons given why flashing school zone signs have been deactivated in Cedar Rapids.
City Names in Other States
Three towns in the Cedar Rapids metro are also the names of cities in other states. A couple of them in MANY states.