In 1989 Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life for betting on the game.  The all time hits leader has since appologized  for his actions, but has never been reinstated.  Now, a new commisioner will replace Bud Selig  in MLB.  Rob Manfred will assume the post in January of 2015.  Will HE be the man to let Rose back in?

I was just a kid in 1989, and didn't fully understand what Rose did wrong.  But betting on baseball is the cardinal sin in a sport full of unwritten rules.  It's just not done.  Period.  Rose knew it when he was doing it, and he paid the price.  But is it time to let Rose back in the fold?  I say yes.

Since Rose's ban, we've lived through a baseball strike, and the PED scandal.  Both stained the game far worse than what Rose did.  We've seen statistics and records dwarfed by steroids.  Some of those players have stepped fowrard and repented, and at least in the public eye, they've been forgiven.  As baseball's all time hits leader, Rose holds a record that will never be topped.  He too has confessed his wrong doings.  Should we treat him any different?

I'm not saying Pete Rose is a saint.  I'm not saying let him manage or coach.  But let him back in baseball.  Put him in the Hall Of Fame.  Celebrate his achievments on the field.  America loves a comeback story.