Week two of the Marion Citizen's Fire Academy started with something you never see firefighters do on TV or in movies.  Rolling hose.  It certainly isn't a glamorous duty, but how do you think the hose gets on the truck and ready to pull and use?  We were taught several different rolls:  flat, accordian, horse shoe and one that's unique to Marion, the Marion Lay.  I know, it's sounds dirty.  But it works.  And when you're pulling hose off a truck to put out a fire, no one is giggling about the name.

Lines of hose that need to be rolled.
Photo by Ryan Brainard

After hose duty, it was time to put on the bunker gear and fight some fire!  We learned about the different types of fire extinguishers and got to practice using one to put out a small fire.  When using one, just remember P.A.S.S.  P for removing the Pin, A for Aiming the extinguisher, S for Spraying, and S for the Sweeping motion to fan the flames.  It's something that every citizen should remember if you ever need to use one.

Using the extinguisher to put out a fire.
Photo by Ryan Brainard

But the highlight of the evening was hoping on a fire truck, flying around the block, and hooking up to a hydrant.  We hooked hydrant to truck, connected the hose and actually got to lay down some water!  I hate to utter the phrase, but "I felt like a firefighter."  You know, minus the fire.  It was an incredible illustration of all the things that have to be done as a team so you're ready to go at a moments notice.

Something else I got on Thursday night?  A nickname.  The two guys on my team began calling me "Radio".  I wonder how they came up with that?