Misty and I are parents.  True, we don't have any children, but we have our dog - Chilli.  He is our boy and has been for over six years.  So, just like when parents of children hear their kids getting sick, we jumped into action yesterday.  I had just gotten home from work and I heard the first "cough" before the garage door even shut.  I had heard that before from Chilli and it turned out to be kennel cough that he caught while being boarded.

I rushed upstairs to find our guy hacking away and made a call to our vet immediately.  Last time this happened Chilli got three days in the pet hospital with IV antibiotics.  We took him to the vet right away, got him on meds, and he even got to sleep upstairs on the couch last night so we could keep an eye/ear on him.  He'll be just fine.  Just remember parents with kids of the "two-legged" variety...pet owners can have just as much love and concern for their kids as you have for yours!