We've all heard the stories about people's phones getting hacked and personal and (sometimes) embarrassing photos or information going public.  This happened to me over the weekend....kind of.

Until Saturday, I was a Snapchat user.  I didn't use the App a lot.  But I had pretty good group of people I would share pics and short videos with every so often.  Recently Snapchat updated and changed the way their App worked and I was quite unaware of this.

It was Saturday morning that my wife, my parents and I went to the Farmer's Market in downtown Cedar Rapids.  After walking around the market for a while, I needed to make a "pit stop."  While doing that, the devious side of me decided that I would take a Snapchat and send it to my wife.  Nothing radical.  Nothing disgusting.  But just of me...in a port-a-potty.  It was shortly after I took the pic and sent it to (I thought) ONLY my wife, I started receiving text messages from people on my Snapchat list.  The first one read, "dude...did you just send me a pic of you...sitting in a port-a-potty?"   Apparently EVERYONE on my Snapchat list got that pic....not JUST my wife.  The following is the photo....

Photo by Scott Steele

Thus endeth my use of Snapchat.