Let's hear your thoughts on this.....

It used to be how you did all season long determined the Points Champion in NASCAR. In 2004 NASCAR announced that they were implementing the Chase. This was done as the final race of the year wasn't getting the attention of new fans. Point leaders were protecting their lead to win the Championship so NASCAR wanted to make this more of a playoff. One side note, the MOST EXCITING battle for the Championship was 1992 when Alan Kulwicki edged out Bill Elliot and Davey Allison for the the NASCAR Point Championship in the final race under the old format of having the most points all year long.

Now NASCAR is changing the Chase Championship points system again. In a nutshell... 16 Driver's will make the chase for the final 10 races. After the first 3 races of the chase, 4 Driver's will be eliminated. They will do this until the final race at Homestead and 4 Driver's will be left for the final race. Whoever finishes highest among the four title-eligible drivers is NASCAR's new champion. Let's hear your thoughts on this.

Robert Laberge/Getty Images