They say that when overcoming one's addiction, the first thing you need to do is admit that you are in fact an addict.  I guess the title of this blog does just that.  Not that I want to give up my addiction by any means, but I thought that by admitting that I am addicted, it would get it out in the open, and maybe allow others to not feel so trapped and they can also admit it.

Oh yeah...what I am admitting an addiction to?  Fantasy sports.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the real deal.  I love watching sports - and when I was a lot younger - playing them. But as I got up around 1:30am last night to go to the bathroom, and I checked my phone to see how my fantasy baseball team had performed in yesterday's games, I realized - "I may have an addiction."  It's a harmless addiction, and one I enjoy from the start of the MLB season, right through the end of the NFL season.  My addiction lasts from March through December.  That makes January and February my "detox" period.  My name is Scott Steele...and I am a fantasy sports geek - an addict if you will...and I love it.