I'm sure you've always wondered what it's like to be a lower-tier local celebrity in Cedar Rapids. Fame? Fortune? Adoration?

Eh, not so much...

I've been an "on-air radio talent" for several years, and I'm now a veteran of the biz. So, without further preface, here's a brief look into my life as a lower-tier local celebrity in Cedar Rapids:

  1. I'm often asked, "Who are you?"
  2. People frequently think I work for other stations I've never been on.
  3. When told what shift I work, people often respond with, "Oh, I usually don't tune in at that time."
  4. I'm talked down to or completely ignored by higher-tier local celebrities at events (most notably from peeps on the TV side). (I vaguely remember one TV personality who thought I was a waiter at the venue of the event.)
  5. I'm often called upon to make appearances at obscure and eclectic events. "There's a cow judging contest in Alburnett? I'm your guy!"
  6. People feign interest in me and what I do solely in an effort to get me to comp them tickets.
  7. The only time I've ever been on a red carpet was when I helped roll one out.

There it is -- the fast and glamorous life of a local celebrity! Don't all apply at once.