So...I am pretty sure someone tried to kill me yesterday. Let me tell you what happened. I returned home after a weekly grocery shopping trip and carried the first load into the house and up the stairs to the kitchen. On my way back down for load right foot went out from under me right at the top of the stairs. Luckily, I was able to catch myself before tumbling head over heels down the steps, to what I am sure would have been imminent death. What was the cause of my near fatal fall? A piece of lunch meat – positioned strategically at the top of the steps!

So....who is to blame for this diabolical plot? I have two suspects.

Scott Steele

Suspect #1 – My wife Misty – who doesn't deny leaving a piece of lunch meat out for Chilli when she left for work. We needed to give him a pill, and that's the best way to get him to eat it. She says she left it in the living room for him, nowhere near the top of the steps.


Scott Steele

Suspect #2 – Our dog Chilli - who has yet to make a statement. He just drooled, farted, and fell asleep when I asked him.

The investigation will continue.