There is no doubt about.  The Great Jones County Fair is CRUSHING it!  Each year it seems that they feature a lineup that can't be beat.  And then the next year....they do.  My favorite GJCF show was the Keith Urban, Little Big Town concert of 2013.  But there is a show in 2015 that just might top it!

My wife and I have been huge Keith Urban fans for over a decade.  We've seen him numerous times in concert, and will never pass up a chance to do so.  But we've also grown quite fond of Eric Church the past several years.  When we found out he was coming to the GJCF in 2015, my wife actually screamed.  I kid you not.  Screamed.  Needless to say, we're pumped for Eric Church.  And how about the other shows?  Tim McGraw?  Toby Keith?  It's shaping up to be another record setter out in Monticello next year!

Kudos to all involved with the Great Jones County Fair for bringing in TOP talent each year for all of us to enjoy! Here's the KHAK staff announcing next year's performers at the 2015 Fair: