When it comes to foods named after celebrities, we've had a few.We've had the breakfast cereal "Flutie Flakes" (named after NFL quarterback Doug Flutie.) We've the "Reggie" candy bar (named after MLB Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson.)  And now....we have "Larry the Cable Guy Tater Chips"!?!?!?

I was walking through a local store yesterday and froze in my footsteps.  Did I really just see Larry the Cable Guy on a package of potato chips?  How does a food company decide on a celebrity to name a food product after?  Now when I think Flutie Flakes or the Reggie bar, words like "energy" and "power" come to mind.  When I think Larry the Cable Guy Tater Chips...all I think is "armpits." I'm sorry, the dude only wears sleeveless shirts.  It takes nothing away from his work as a comedian. For the record, I did NOT purchase either flavor of "tater chips."

Are there other celebrity food items that you've seen?