Ready for a trip down memory lane?  How many of the above faces do you remember?  That's me (far right) and the rest of the KHAK airstaff on April 26, 1992, the day we welcomed Ronnie Milsap to the KHAK Free Country Concert.  This week, he finally received an accolade that, in my opinion, was long overdue.  Later this year, Ronnie will officially become a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

I've had a lot of thrills during my years at KHAK and this day was certainly one of them.  When Ronnie came to town, he had already secured 38 #1 country singles.  He now has 40, third all-time behind George Strait and the late Conway Twitty.  Ronnie was terrific on-stage and off and drew a crowd even before the show at the pre-concert autograph party at the former K's Merchandise (below).

KHAK Archives

That evening, Ronnie joked with the crowd throughout the show, played incredible piano, and sang hit after hit.  There were well over 7,000 people from all over K-Hawk Country there that night, and we enjoyed every second.  Ronnie even donned some station apparel during the show (below).

KHAK archives

Ronnie isn't the first person to have played our free show to become a Hall-of Famer.  Ten years earlier, Bobby Bare starred at the show.  I wasn't even in high school yet, and haven't been able to find any photographs from that show.  However, last year (below), Bobby was inducted into the Hall.

Jason Davis/Getty Images
Jason Davis/Getty Images

Fittingly, Tuesday's announcement of Milsap's upcoming induction was announced by Bobby (2nd from right at bottom).  American Country Countdown host Kix Brooks was there & Hunter Hayes was the lucky one to make the announcement.

Ronnie reacts to the honor:

Hunter Hayes says Ronnie has been a big influence on him:

Congratulations Ronnie...our 2nd Hall-of-Famer.  And I'm sure not our last...

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