It's something we as Iowans know... we live in a great state and feel safe living here. The facts back it up.

Wallethub has released their list of 2016’s Safest States in America. They compared home & community safety, financial safety, road safety, workplace safety, and safety from natural disasters. Iowa scored very well.

Iowa finished highest (6th place) in both home & community and financial safety. It scored the lowest in workplace safety (41st place) and that is weighed on fatal occupational injury rate, injury & illness rate, median days lost due to occupational injuries & illnesses. For natural disasters, Iowa was 36th.

Overall, Iowa finished number ten! Here's the other top 10 safest states in the United States.

#10: Iowa
#9: Utah
#8: Virginia
#7: Minnesota
#6: Connecticut
#5: Maine
#4: Rhode Island
#3: New Hampshire
#2: Massachusetts
#1: Vermont

[via Wallethub]