Want to see people squirm?  Tell them you're having surgery on your eye.  Then tell them they will be cutting into your eyeball for the surgery AND that you will be awake for the entire process.  That's what I went through Thursday last week and why I was gone from the show both Thursday and Friday.  Now it may sound more serious than it was - especially when I tell you I had the incredible doctors at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Eye Institute doing the jobs.

In a nutshell, they finished up a procedure they started last winter when I had a partially detached retina.  They also removed my lense because of a cataract that had formed from the previous surgery and so I have a new lense in my right eye (I have been told it sparkles.)  For now, things are a little blurry in one eye and a sunny day is my worst enemy.  But before long, things will be looking clearer than ever!