Every Thursday, Brain and Steele read a letter from a listener who is asking for help.  Then, it's your turn to offer up advice to try to help the letter writer.  At the end of the segment, Brain and Steele will add in their "two cents" worth.  Welcome into The Counseling Corner.

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Dear Brain and Steele,

I am having a Facebook issue with my wife. While we both have our own FB pages, and we enjoy using them to keep in touch with friends and family, she feels the need to constantly post updates and information I don't really think needs to be posted. She'll post stuff that's embarrassing that happens to us (usually me) or if we have a disagreement, she'll use it as a “bully pulpit” to tell everyone about the disagreement and rally for people to take her side.

I've asked her numerous times to please not post the embarrassing stuff, and how our disagreements should be kept within the confines of our house...but she says “all is fair game in Facebook.” She also says I need to “toughen up” if I can't take the joking that follows after she posts about something embarrassing I've done. The last time we had an argument – over which movie to go see – she had a post made and was asking who was “right” before we were even seated in the theatre. Deleting her as a Facebook friend won't even work because most people who respond are friends with BOTH of us, and I would still hear about it.

Are there other people out there who have issues with friends or family “over-sharing” on Facebook and what have they done to help stop it? Help me out guys.


Steele says:  Use the "block" option and if you stop commenting to her about it, it might take all the fun out of it and she will stop.

Brain says:  Blocking is an option, but the bottom line is she's getting you to react.  That may be all she's after.  Ignore it, and it might just get better.