I’m not sure what’s going on, but for some reason this Fall and early start to Winter has put a chill in me.  I used to be “that guy” who would wear shorts almost up until Christmas with a T-shirt.  Only in January would I be able to stand wearing jeans and maybe a sweatshirt… but once I got moving around at work that sweatshirt would be the first thing to go.  And years ago, even in January, I would hardly ever wear a Winter jacket.  Usually that would just ride in the back seat of the car… just in case of emergency.

Well, here in the last few weeks I’m now walking around work with a zip-up sweatshirt and it pretty much stays on me all day and night.  I’m usually the first one to suggest we turn the heat up in the house too.  Even our dog must know I’m running a little colder than normal as he’s been cuddling up with me on the couch.  He’s a yellow lab weighing 72 lbs and I don’t mind it one bit!!!  Now if I start requesting slippers for Christmas, someone please send help… wait a minute, slippers do sound pretty sweet.  Okay, if I start singing.. then send HELP!!!