As we get into August, it's "now or never" time for a lot of us who want to take a summer vacation.  Vacations have always been so exciting for me.  New places, new things to see, and lots of people might leave your guard down and I don't want you getting taken advantage of.  That's why when I saw this list of travel scams to avoid, I had to pass it along.  Check these out:

1. The Rose - A girl or guy approaches you with a basket of roses and charges you a CRAZY price for one rose.  They know you don't want to look bad in front of your wife or girfriend...right?

2.  The Baby - A woman walking past you drops a baby (usually a doll) and while you go to help, you get pickpocketed.

3.  The Spill - Some will stage an accident or maybe even spill some water or you.  While you are helping them, their accomplice is taking your wallet or packages you were carrying.

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