I do about 90% of our family's grocery shopping.  Every week my wife Misty and I put together a list of what we need and off I go to the land of toilet paper, ground beef, and peanut butter.  I will admit that I am a pretty critical shopper when it comes to money.  If I can get the same item for 5 cents cheaper - I am going to do it regardless of the brand.  Unless...it's on my "grocery snob" list.

Scott Steele

Yes, I can be a grocery shopping snob.  There are some items that I HAVE to have name brand - I simply CANNOT do generic or store brand.  Some of those items include mayo, ketchup, soft drinks, hot dogs, frozen pizza.  Other items it makes absolutely no difference.

I can't logically explain why I have to do this - I just do.  Do you???