Tonight's the show, literally for Jay Leno, as his reign as host of the popular NBC late-night show wraps up.  I scoured the web and found a few cool historic videos of Jay and tonight's guests, Billy Crystal and Garth Brooks.  Here's a pre-Tonight Show interview with Jay that also features clips from his career to that point.  It aired the week before he took over for the legendary Johnny Carson:

Billy Crystal is Jay's first guest on The Tonight Show...May 25, 1992:

Garth Brooks, on the eve of his 52nd birthday, appears with Jay on tonight's finale. He's been there many times before:

Jay's final night airs in Eastern Iowa at 10:35 tonight and he'll be a tough act to follow, just as Johnny was.  Their combined longevity is nothing short of remarkable.  Johnny Carson, 30 years.  Jay Leno, 22 years (minus the 10 months Conan O'Brien hosted the show).  Jimmy Fallon's history is still to be written.