As the Iowa Hawkeyes gear up for LSU in the Outback Bowl Jan 1st, Outback Steakhouse is gearing up for Jan. 2nd. Outback Steakhouse has announced they will give away "free appetizers" at all their locations. To receive the offer, guests simply say “Outback Bowl” to their server.

If LSU takes home the trophy, Outback will give away free Bloomin’ Onions and if Iowa prevails, it will be free Coconut Shrimp for all. Now if your like me, your thinking to yourself.... "wouldn't it make more sense for Iowa to represent the Blooomin' Onion as Iowa produces more onions than Louisiana?" Louisiana definitely has more shrimp than Iowa. So that got me thinking... does Iowa produce more onions than Louisiana? Well... according to (don't you just love the Internet!!!) Iowa is in the top 20 for acres planted for onions and volumes of onions. Louisiana didn't make the Top 20 for onions.

Looks like we'll be cheering for free coconut shrimp on Jan 2nd. GO HAWKS!!!

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