If you know me...you know I am a huge lover of dogs.  Big dogs.  Small dogs.  Funny dogs.  Dogs that look upset, but aren't.  Sleeping dogs.  Watch dogs.

When it comes to television, I've never minded it when an episode of one of my favorite shows featured the family dog.  Like when Tiger (the Brady's dog) ran away and they found out that he fathered a litter across town - so he was only doing the fatherly thing hanging out with "mom" while the puppies were born.  And you can't forget every episode of Lassie when someone (usually Timmy) was trapped down the well and Lassie saved him!

Last night, however, I saw a show that was dog-less....or shall I say "dawg-less" and I have NO PROBLEMS about that.  American Idol, you have seemed to have fixed one problem.  Let's see how the rest of the season goes!