Are you claustrophobic?  That was one of the questions I had to answer before heading in for my first MRI.  The answer....I am now!  I was ordered to have the test due to some troubles with my right shoulder.  They want to see if there is any damage inside, so an MRI was scheduled.  I'd heard lots of stories about things I could expect about entering "the tube", but was confident I could make it through.

The imaging they needed would only take about a half hour.  They secured me, strapped me down, gave me a blanket and ear plugs, and away I went.  The interior of the machine was only about 6-8 inches away from my face, so I just kept my eyes closed.  The most surprising thing was the NOISE!  When they take images, the machine whines and howls and beeps.  It's no wonder they give you the ear plugs!

About half way through, they asked if I needed to come out for a break.  I said YES.  They pulled me out, cooled me off and told me I only had one more series of images to go.  So back into the tube I went.  The doctors and nurses at St. Lukes Hospital were great.  They knew my fears, and worked with me to get the testing done.

Have YOU ever had an MRI?  What do you do to prepare?