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Dear Brain and Steele,

I began chatting with a girl online a few months ago.  We hit it off, shared interests and decided the time had come to finally meet in person.  We decided that a public place was the best bet, so I got us Kernels tickets and we met at the ballpark on a Saturday night.  I was nervous about what she would think of me, and if I would be attracted to her.  We had shared some photos in our chats, but hey...it's the internet, and we've all heard of photoshop.

When she showed up at the ballpark, my initial impressions were good.  She was cute, bubbly and it seemed we were destined for a great night.  That is until, she began to SNIFF.  Yes, SNIFF.  I don't know if it was a cold, seasonal allergies....but every other sentence ended with a big SNIFFF.  At one point I thought she was going to hack a loogie right on the concourse!  Needless to say, it was distracting.  No matter how interesting the conversation all I kept waiting for was the next HACK.

The night ended politely enough, and we agreed we'd catch up online soon.  That was several weeks ago.  I can't get the sound of her sniffing and hacking out of my head!  The old saying is, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression."  I'm afraid that the experience of our first date may have ruined any chance we may have at a potential relationship.  How do I get over this?  Do I ante up for a second date?  Offer her a Sudafed?  Or do I stop showing interest and hope she gets the hint.  Have any of your listeners had to overcome a bad first date impression?



What our listeners think:

Ann suggested trying a second date at an inside venue.

Nate questioned how big a deal it really is for Rick. He said that Rick obviously really likes this girl or he would have just written her off after the first date.

Rachel had a similar situation with a guy she dated for five years who actually couldn't blow his nose. She thinks Rick should ask this girl why she was sniffing.

Matt thinks maybe the problem isn't the girl, but Rick.

Samantha said Rick should give her another chance, maybe it was just allergies.

Steele says:  You should cut her a break Rick.  And if it really bothers you, ask her if she suffers from allergies or anything like that.  You never know when you are letting a good one get away!

Brain says:  It was a first date.  Cut her some slack.  Don't throw away a potential relationship over something so small.  Carry Klenex.

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