My wife came home from work last night to find me crying.  Not just a tear streaming down my check, but uncontrolable, ugly crying.  Why?  I was watching the end of the movie Field of Dreams.  It happens everytime I watch it.  "Hey Dad, wanna have a catch?"  Cue the waterfall.  The movie plays upon the emotions of a father-son relationship that is mended right there on the ball diamond, over something as simple and innocent as a game of catch.  But it has an even deeper meaning for me.

My grandfather passed away several years ago.  One of the best memories I have is the day that we got to play baseball at the Field of Dreams.  I didn't really understand my grandparents.  They were "old", and from a different generation.  But on that chilly fall day, we had fun playing baseball.  The movie has had a different meaning for me ever since.

This weekend I'm taking my family to the Field of Dreams for the first time.  So I can play catch with my kids, and make some more memories that I hope will remain with all of us for a lifetime to come.