What a difference 2 ½  months make.  The Iowa Hawkeyes will be playing their final game in Kinnick Stadium against MEEEECHIGAN this Saturday.  It’s a special day for the Seniors on this team as they will be making their last appearance dressed to play their final game at Kinnick.

Remember the first 2 games at Kinnick this year?  Temperatures in the low to mid 90’s during the game.  This Saturday, highs in the mid 20’s, blustery (I hate that word) and I dare to say windchills  in the single digits to around ZERO!!!  That’s a 70 degree swing from the first 2 games… UGH!!!!  I’m loyal to the Hawkeyes and we’ll be there cheering them on.  On the positive side of things… we won’t have to worry about our drinks not staying cold.  Might have to worry about them freezing over.  GO HAWKS!!!