1. Plumbing Basics Save Time & Money- Plumbing problems can happen in any home or business, at any time - day or night. That's why Hanna Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The plumbing system in your home or business requires regular maintenance and upkeep just like your vehicle. Regular maintenance can save you a lot of money by preventing the need for larger repairs; and they improve the efficiency of your pipes and faucets resulting in a decrease of consumption.
  2. Know Where Your Shut-Off Valve Is- It's always good to know where your main shut off is located before an emergency happens. This will save you both time and money if your pipes burst or begin to leak. You'll be able to shut off the water to your home without causing further damage to your home or valuables. In most residences the shut off valve is located in the mechanical room or close to your water heater. Some houses do not have a main shut off valve. In this case, we strongly suggest having us install one for you.
  3. When To Call A Plumber- First, make sure you're safe and away from electricity and water. Shut off your main water supply, then call for emergency service. Monday is the busiest plumbing day. That's when wives call to help correct the work their husbands did over the weekend. Try calling Hanna for help before the weekend happens.
  4. Number ONE Insurance Claim- A burst washing machine hose is the number one homeowner insurance claim. Make sure you check them regularly and use quality hoses. Even a small drip can build up over time and cause more damage than the $20 dollars it costs to get good washing machine hoses. Call Hanna for an assessment and replace them with sturdy stainless steel ones.
  5. Water Saving Toilet NO-no- Whoever said putting a brick or a jug of water in a toilet is a good idea to save water use, should be fired. It can really upset water flow. There are a lot better ways to save on water, have Hanna Plumbing show you some extremely efficient water-saving ideas!
  6. #1 Clogged Pipe Issue- The so-called "flushable" baby wipes are the number ONE culprit of clogged pipes. They don't break down the way toilet paper does no matter what the advertising says. Call Hanna for service and suggestions.
  7. Disposal NO-no- Never...and we mean NEVER put potato peelings in a disposal. The starch in potatoes can really gum up the works no matter how good your disposal is. Instead, use them as compost in your garden bed. Call Hanna for service and suggestions.
  8.  Basement Exposed Pipes- Exposed pipes in your basement make an enticing way to store things, but DON'T! Avoid hanging anything on pipes. Pipes break and that's when you really need to call Hanna for service.
  9. Too Good To Be True- If the price for your plumber sounds too good to be true, IT IS. Keep an eye on hidden fees and nickel and dime charges (some plumbers charge you for each tool they use if you can believe that). Hanna Plumbing experts come ready to work and will educate you along the way if there are unanticipated charges.
  10.  Licensed Plumbers- Don't assume every "Mr Fixit" or plumbing company is a licensed plumber. There are NO national standards for licensing. When in doubt, call a major Plumbing Supply Company for recommendations. They're likely to know who the experts and most qualified are.
  11. Even Small Drips- Small drips (which usually happen when you're at work) can waste more than 8-gallons of water every single day. A running toilet? More than 200-gallons. Per day. Don't ignore it, even small leaks can be bigger problems for you water bill. Make sure to ask Hanna to check your water pressure too.