September 11 - 15
Iowa City Area
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What:  A golf rehabilitation program as well as other recreational activities for veterans who are legally blind, amputees, those who use wheelchairs and veterans with other disabilities. The NDVTEE Tournament uses a therapeutic format to promote health, wellness, rehabilitation, fellowship and camaraderie among its participants.

Where:  Golf events will take place at various courses located in the Iowa City area including the Elks Club, Blue Top Golf Course, Riverside; Kalona Golf Course; West Liberty Country Club, West Liberty and Lake McBride Golf Course in Solon. Bowling events will take place at Colonial Bowling Lanes in Iowa City.

Who:  Participation is open to U.S. military veterans with visual impairments, amputations, traumatic brain injuries, psychological trauma, certain neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries and other life changing disabilities.

Why:  The event provides legally blind veterans and those with other disabilities an opportunity to participate in a therapeutic golfing event as well as other sports activities.  By participating, veterans are able to develop new skills and strengthen their self-esteem.

How: Veteran applicants must submit an application for participation to attend the event. Applications are available the NDVTEE Tournament Office see information below.

Presented by:  The Department of Veterans Affairs.

Hosted by:  The Iowa City VA Health Care System, with support from more than 400 VA and community volunteers.

Information:  Kirt Sickels, National Disabled Veterans TEE Tournament Director, at(319) 358-5963; or by e-mail at: , or by Kim Heeren, NDVTEE Program Assistant, at 319-258-5962 or by e-mail at;