I'm sure you've hopped into an elevator and thought, "I hope the cables don't break and drop me like a bad habit."  Ok, maybe you haven't exactly thought that.  I've never really thought about it shooting up though.  Thanks to the poor guy above, I will now.

The gentleman's name in the video above is Jose Vergara Acevedo.  He hopped on the elevator at Bustamente Community Park in Providencia, Chile and something went terribly wrong.  You'll notice it begins to go up even before the doors close and then the doors re-open while the elevator is rocketing upward...to the tune of 31 floors in 15-seconds.

Acevedo is in the hospital recovering, after suffering serious injuries to his head and legs.

I've ridden one of the elevators here at Plaza 425 in downtown Cedar Rapids at least a couple times a day nearly every day for 24+ years, and have never had a problem.  I'll probably regret typing that but until I do I'll now feel very lucky, and thankful.