Until your microwave craps out on you, you won't really realize how much you rely on it.  I can say this, because our microwave bit the dust about 2 weeks ago.  Do we have a new one yet?  Nope.  And I take TOTAL blame for that.  I have a problem sometimes with buying things quickly.  I always want to try to find the "best deal."  And then I wonder, "what kind of reviews does this product get?"  It drives Misty crazy.  I know this for sure because she's told me.

I saw this article a couple of days ago that said "a person decides whether or not they are going to buy something within 12 seconds of seeing it."  REALLY?  12 seconds after I see something, I have come up with 27 questions about it and begin researching even more.

Is anyone else like this or am I just a freak when it comes to committing to a purchase?