Dodgeball.  Most of us who are now adults, played this game inside gyms growing up.  It was fun, sometimes brutal and a right of passage for many.  My dodgeball memories mainly center on being picked towards the end, and having my glasses shattered 20 seconds in.  Ah, memories.  Now imagine being a kid, and getting to throw COPS.

It's what will happen here in Cedar Rapids on January 31st at Harding Middle School.  The 7th annual Kids vs. Cops Dodge Ball tournament will help raise money to benefit the CRPD's canine unit.  Money will go towards training the dogs, and providing them with protective equipment.  The friendly competition raised two thousand dollars last year!

So if you want to relive a golden part of your youth, and help out the CRPD canine unit at the same time, head to Harding Middle School January 31st.  The tournament begins at 1pm, and costs just $3 to watch or to play.  I know that everyone is a winner, but I'm rooting for the kids wearing glasses.

Here's a training video for all you participants!  Good Luck!