As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, there's nothing worse than playing the Cubs.  It's a no-win situation.  If the Cards win?  Well, you're expected to.  If the Cubs win?  Let's just say I hear it from every Cub fan I know.  This year, I've been "hearing it" a lot from my Cub friends.  And after last night's 17-run outburst from the Cubs...I practically needed noise-silencing headphones.

This year, the two teams have played seven times and the Cubs have won four.  Sure, that's not bad unless you consider it's 30% of Chicago's win total in 2014.  Over the last three years, the Cardinals are 25-18 against the Cubs.  The Cardinals overall record during that time is 204-159, while the Cubs are 140-221.  Do the Cubs get jacked to play the Cardinals, while it's just another game/series to St. Louis?

Tonight's a new night, and Redbird-ace Adam Wainwright is on the hill.  The tables will turn, right?  Maybe not.  In his last start against the Cubbos, Adam allowed a season-high six runs.

Having said all this, I LOVE baseball and can't wait for tonight's first pitch.