In case you didn't know (and I think most of you do) I was born and raised in Illinois and therefore I am a fan of the University of Illinois Fighting Illini.  This past Christmas, I had some very good friends give me an Illini clock as a gift.  I quickly took the clock in to work and put it up in my office.  "This will annoy those pesky Hawkeye fans", I thought.  At the time I hung the clock, the Illini men's basketball team was 12-2 and ranked in the Top 25.

Since hanging the Illini are 1-6 (13-8 overall) and heading into a matchup with a VERY GOOD, VERY TOUGH Hawkeye men's team this Saturday.  We'll be discussing the "curse of the clock" at 7:50am this morning.  This could get ugly (as if it hasn't already.)