On Friday, I exposed what I thought was the "curse of the clock" that I was given for Christmas and subsequently hung in my office.  As I watched the Illinois/Iowa men's basketball game on Saturday night I thought, early on, "this clock must be destroyed" as Iowa opened up at 20+ point lead.  However, as Illinois battled back, my frustration became less and less.  Iowa did end up winning (first time since 1999 in Illinois) and that's because they have a better team...not because of a silly curse.

HOWEVER...the fact that my Fighting Illini are now 1-7 since I hung this clock in my office...SOMETHING needed to be done.  So...you can see by the picture that I have put a black band through the face of the clock.  I am hoping this move will help release the curse - at which time I will remove the black band and us Illini fans can start thinking about next season.