As if I'm not already awkward enough when it comes to attractive people...

Well, you guys. I did it. I took a not-so-ordinary meet and greet photo with Brett Eldredge at the Iowa State Fair this weekend. After discussing my ideas on the air last week, I made a Facebook post looking for suggestions, and the ring pop proposal won by a landslide. Before I show you the picture, I want to set the scene for you:

Imagine me, a gross, sweaty mess full of beer and deep-fried fair food. I've been carrying a ring pop in my purse all day and it has melted to the inside of the packaging. Is this going to stop me? No. I'm determined to make myself look like an idiot. We wait towards the back of the meet & greet line as we are led over to the photo area. Surprise! The line reverses. We are in the front. I'm nervous. Just kill me now. Brett walks out of his bus with EDGAR in his arms. Yes, Edgar, the most adorable puppy on planet Earth. Here's a photo for reference:

I offer to trade in my Brett meet & greet for an Edgar meet & greet. I'm shot down. I'm crazy amounts of nervous now, which makes my natural tremors about 100x worse. Cool, let's just add some shakiness to the mix. Why not? I'm already about to look like a crazy person, let's just go all-out with it. I walk up to Brett and I'm pretty sure I black out for a minute, which is usually what happens when I meet someone famous. No matter how calm, cool, and collected I am when I'm in line for a meet & greet, the second I walk up to the artist, all my planning goes straight out the window (remember when I shouted at Thomas that he was the cutest person I've ever met?). And I mean, Brett. COME ON. Is there any human being more attractive? (The answer is no). When I'm in the presence of an attractive human, I just lose my composure (or my mind... get it?! Lose My Mind? Ok, sorry I'm done). I'm pretty positive that Brett asked me what my name was, but I was already too far into my word vomit to understand his request. With my arm around his waist and his arm on my shoulder (God, he's tall. SO TALL.) I explained the situation and that I worked for a radio station. I'm pretty sure I yelled some words at Bob James and my other coworkers who were waiting for me. What did I say? I don't know. I told you, I blacked out. Anyways, I try my best to explain that I'm not a creep and that we already took a normal selfie/video together when I met him last year, so with the help of KHAK listeners, we've come up with a weird idea. He's down for it (bless his soul). Then I have to go into my purse, and while doing so I shout, "don't worry! I'm not getting a weapon." Awesome, Courtlin. You're really doing great. I try to turn around while I open the sticky ring pop so I can be fun and secretive (he probably thought I was going to murder him, honestly), and as soon as he spots it, he says, "I know what you're doing!" Good, this has been done before. PHEW. I'm not the first. True story, I actually communicated on Twitter with the first girl to do this pose with him! Her name is Alyssa and she gave me permission to post her awesome pictures. She was probably much more composed than I was!

Alyssa (@asapcregg), Twitter

Before I get down on one knee I yell at him that I'm about to propose and "IS THAT OK?" So romantic. So I get down on one knee, saying, "I'm so nervous, now I know how the guy feels!" Smooth. I then say, "Brett, whatever your middle name is, Eldredge..." and he cuts me off with "Ryan." I act super shocked by this, and I don't know why. It's just a name. But ok. I finish with, "Will you... take an embarrassing meet & greet photo with me?" His response? "I think we already did."

After that I get the hell out of there, thanking him so much for being such a good sport. Really, I was thanking him for not acting like I'm the grossest human he's ever met. He really is an angel and I wish I could've talked to him a little more, but I felt guilty for holding up the line and for being a not-so-hot mess, so I got out of there ASAP. I'm really just hoping he doesn't think I'm clinically insane. After reading this back, I'm guessing I'm out of luck.


We stayed all the way until the end of the show and it was amazing, as usual. He even covered some John Mayer, Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn, The Police, and Ginuwine. Yes, he played "Pony." It was magical.

Here's a the video we took last year at the Tri-State Rodeo, just because I love it so much:

If you made it this far, thanks for reading this super long blog. You're a trooper. Hopefully the next time I meet him, I'll be less awkward. We'll see.