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Dear Brain and Steele,

I've done something I am not proud of, and now I am not sure what to do. My husband and I are celebrating our first “Married” Christmas together. Last year, we had just started dating, so we really didn't do Christmas gifts – so that makes it especially exciting. I was in the basement the other day and I found where he's hidden some of my presents. I didn't first. I couldn't take it, so an hour later I peeked. I have to say, I am quite disappointed in what he got me. I'm not sure what is more upsetting – the sweater with a Christmas tree on the front with ornaments that sparkle, the REALLY BAD perfume, or the vacuum.

Yes, I feel bad that I peeked and I know that “it's the thought that counts”...but I honestly can say I will NOT use any of these. I'm not sure what to do. The big thing is, I don't want him to waste his money on things I won't use. If I got a gift for someone and they hated it, I would feel bad – as I think most people would. What can I do??


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