Dear Brain and Steele,

I have a friend....we'll call “Judith.” I've known Judith for over 9 years and I would consider her my best friend. Judith is married and has been for a while, but that doesn't stop her from flirting and doing other things with guys she meets when she goes out. I watch Judith whenever we have a girls night out and as soon as we hit a bar or restaurant, she starts looking around for guys we can “chat with.” I've said something to her one time about her behavior and asked her what her husband would think. She said “just talking to these guys” isn't cheating on her husband. What I see is talking, but a lot of the time she gives out an email address or phone number – so who knows how far it goes?

Part of me believes that I should say something to her husband...but what am I going to say - “your wife – my best friend – was talking to guys when we went out.”?? That's really all the evidence I have and I am afraid he'll think I am nuts. Who doesn't talk to people when they are in a social situation? I could really use some help here.

My real name isn't Barbie....but it is for the sake of this letter.