brain and steele,

one of my best friends (or so i thought) had a baby shower last week and i couldn't go.  i went to her first baby shower, but couldn't make it to this one as i had a prior commitment.  a day after the baby shower, i was looking at posts online on facebook and pictures from the shower and i saw a post from my "friend".  in her post, she thanked everyone who came to the shower and then went on to seriously CURSE OUT those who didn't make it - using language that i don't use in private.  she says now she knows who her "true friends" are.

i was shocked by her post.  i haven't reached out to her yet.  what do i say?  why would she post something like that?  i am really upset by this.  i've never been through anything like this before.  what do i do?

please don't use my name