Dear Brain and Steele,

Why why why why why does my wife do what she does?? We will be getting ready to go out for the evening and she will come to me in an outfit and she will point blank ask me, “what do you think of this outfit?” I swear to all that is holy....if I like it I say “that looks great hun!” If I don't like it, I might say, “you should try this or that top....or maybe those other jeans?” In other words I AM HONEST WITH HER. It doesn't matter though. 99% of the time when I tell her I like an outfit...she changes out of it and wears something else that night.

Then there is the hair. When we first started dating, her hair was blonde and I loved it and I told her. We've been together 5 years now and I have yet to see that shade of blonde again. She will say she is going to have her hair colored and ask me what I think will look good. I always lean towards the lighter....and she comes home reddish, brownish, blackish with brownish streaks or reddish streaks. Never blonde.

It's SO FRUSTRATING – beyond words. Shed some light on this for me guys. Do other men have the same issue and can women tell me why they ask and then throw away our opinion like a week-old piece of fish from the frig?

Frustrated Frank