We did a live broadcast Friday morning from the Center Point Travel Plaza, and it went better than we ever expected!

In case you didn't know, Brain and I officially kicked off our Hometown Tour last week! What exactly IS the Hometown Tour? Well basically, once a month we will be traveling to a smaller town that we typically don't visit, and we will do a live morning show from 6-9 a.m.

We are so, SO grateful to the city of Center Point and the Center Point Travel Plaza for hosting us on our first stop. We had a TON of people stop in and say hi, we played live games, we signed people up for Luke Bryan tickets, we gave away movie tickets, and we even got to speak to Paula Freeman Brown, the Mayor of Center Point! We weren't exactly sure how well the first event would go over, but things went perfectly. Thank you to every single person who stopped out to see us, you really made our morning fantastic! Here are a few photos/videos from the event:

Wade Clark

Would you like to see us stop in your hometown? Leave your suggestions for us in the comments!