March Madness is upon us and seemingly everyone is filling out their brackets. Some things are certain. There will be upsets. A low-seeded team will be called 'Cinderella'. And more than likely, high seeded teams will make The Final Four. But the journey is why the NCAA Tournament is the best sporting event of the year. It's why even the casual sports fan will fill out a bracket.

Courtlin and I did something a little different. I used my limited knowledge of the college basketball landscape and picked my bracket based on who I think is the better team and who should win. Courtlin picked her bracket based on the flip of a coin. Statistically speaking, neither one of us is ever going to pick a perfect bracket. But who has the better shot of getting the most games right? Knowledge? Or luck? Here is my bracket.

Ryan Brainard

My bracket is fairly predictable. Big schools like Kansas, UCLA, Arizona and Baylor are in my Final Four with Arizona topping Kansas in the title game. How did Courtlin's bracket based on a coin flip turn out?

Ryan Brainard

While her pick of Louisville to the Final Four isn't out of the question, the rest of her Final Four doesn't look quite as realistic. Courtlin has Middle Tennessee State defeating South Carolina in the title game. But remember, all her choices were made by the flip of a coin!

As the tournament progresses we'll see who does better! Happy March Madness everyone!