Brad Paisley's peeps are very good at keeping a secret.  If they even knew.  Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from his record label telling me that his performance at Saturday's Tree Town Music Festival was being moved up to 2pm.  I was astounded at the change so late in the game.  The reason they gave?  It was due to his commitment to being available early Sunday for the upcoming television series, "Rising Star."  Made sense to me, since Brad's involvement had just recently been confirmed.

Saturday, I arrived at the Tree Town Music Festival in Forest City around 12:15.  As I approached the gates, a plane (larger than most that typically fly into Forest City I'd be willing to bet) landed just a few hundred yards from the venue site.  Within minutes, a limo arrived.  Following Brad's awesome performance in front of a huge crowd (below), it seemed like only minutes later that same plane was back in the air.

Bob James
Bob James

Later in the afternoon I was told that festival organizers met with Brad after his arrival.  He had apparently told them how appreciative he was of them allowing him to reschedule at such a late date and that he was going to be doing a charity concert that would touch many people's lives.  He also wanted them to make sure they understood just how crucial their flexibility had been and that they should feel good about the impact they had on what was going to happen.  No one knew, at the time, the magnificence of what Brad was about to do.

Yesterday, everywhere you went at the Tree Town Music Festival, everyone was talking about Brad Paisley.  Turns out, Brad had flown on Air Force One with President Obama to perform for our troops in Afghanistan.  Here's how it went down on Brad's Twitter and Instagram accounts:

About to play a surprise concert for the troops in Afghanistan. God bless our military. Here we go.

— Brad Paisley (@BradPaisley) May 25, 2014

Brad called the chance to perform for troops in Afghanistan on Memorial Day Weekend, "The honor of my life."

I promise anybody that was upset about Brad switching to an earlier time Saturday forgave him immediately when they found out what he had done.  God bless you Brad Paisley and God bless our troops.  Happy Memorial Day.

Bob James