Are fast food companies using tricks to get us to buy more of their food and come back more often?  According to a new article, the answer is a resoudning "YES."  If you have that unexplainable urge to go buy burgers, fries, or chicken nuggets check out this list of 10 tricks so you can identify what sneaky tactics these restaurants may be using.

1.  They use the color RED.  Scientists say the color red "stimulates your appetite."  Think about it - how many fast food restaurants have the color red in their logo, on wrappers, boxes, etc...?

2.  Meal deals.  Restaurants put together these "deals" and it usually gets you to buy more food than you normally would.

3.  Different sizes for same items.  Why are the large drinks SO LARGE??  Because they know most consumers will think, "I don't need that much pop" and order a smaller size.  And the restaurants make more profit on smaller items.

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