It's hunting season and I couldn't be more disgusted.  You see pics of them everywhere and hear stories of finding "the big haul."  When I see the pictures I have to look away.  I just don't get it.  What's the big deal about morel mushrooms?

Some people sell them on the side of the road for up to $25 per pound!  People (who obviously have too much time on their hands) spend DAYS walking through the woods "hunting" the fungus.  I can only imagine the hunting call - "hear mushie, mushie, mushie!"

Now, before you jump all over me - yes I have tasted morels.  I do like most mushrooms - but these ugly, human brain-looking chunks of whatever it is are just too grotesque for me to look at - much less eat.  So good luck on "the hunt" this weekend you morel militia.  You can have my serving!  Blech!