There could be a new tallest building in Cedar Rapids.

If built, 1 Park Place, as the project is titled, would eclipse the Alliant Tower and become the tallest building in the city. The Alliant building is 21 stories.

I'm excited by the news. A building of this height would help define our skyline and make CR stand out. I've always been one to judge a city by its skyline, and this building would not only add height but also density to the downtown architecture.

The proposal needs to beat out two other plans and pass City Council approval. The selection date for a developer is currently scheduled for May 24. The other two proposals are for buildings that would be 11 and 14 stories. I hope Cedar Rapids officials choose to reach higher on this one and select the Park Place development.

How about you? Would you like to see a new tallest building in Cedar Rapids?

[via The Gazette and City of Cedar Rapids]