Today was a day that Julie and I have been dreading.  Our eldest cat Cassie, who's 14, has developed a great thirst lately.Other than that, she seems pretty much normal.  A visit to our regular veterinarian came back with normal blood work, but crystals in the urine, and an enlarged thyroid.  The recommendation?  Get her checked at a special clinic.

What we found out today wasn't good.  While still not confirmed to be cancerous, the enlarged thyroid is actually a tumor that's growing pretty quickly.  It's approximately the size of a walnut.  The cost to remove it is even higher than my wildest expectation.  The other choices are to get a biopsy done to determine for sure if it's cancerous, or do nothing.

It's going to be a difficult night at our house, no matter the decision.  And regardless of the decision, I realize tonight is really only the beginning.