Those of you who follow the show and my blogs and posts closely, you know Chilli - our bulldog.

 I try to keep you up to speed with his latest trials and tribulations (which isn't tough to do for a 90 lb bulldog as it usually includes sleeping.)

After waking up and not being able to put any weight on one of his back legs a couple of weeks ago, our vet, Dr Ryan Steen at Frey Pet Hospital, was pretty sure he had torn his "other" ACL.  We say "other" because Chilli tore his first one four years ago.  Dr Steen was set to do a complete exam and surgery yesterday.  So Chilli got to the office, they did a preliminary exam and he was putting all of his weight on that back leg!  His diagnosis now is no surgery needed and our boy was back home by 4pm yesterday - sleeping on the couch as if he knew all along he'd be fine.  I'm calling it A Christmas Miracle!