The Great Jones County Fair is going on now. It's been given the title "The 5 Best Days of Summer" and if you haven't been to the fair, you're really missing out.

My first visit to the fair was back in 1998 as I raced on the 4/10th's mile track. I was impressed with the attendance to a race that started at 11 a.m. in the morning. I ended up finishing 3rd in the feature race and still have that trophy at home.

My very first concert at the GJCF wasn't until 2005 and that was REO Speedwagon. WOW!!! The band was good, but how the GJCF puts on a show was what really impressed my wife and I. Big screen TV's, great sound, and it seemed every time we turned around, we saw more and more people that we knew or hadn't seen in years. It wasn't just a concert... it was a reunion! We haven't missed a GJCF since 2005 and don't plan one missing on either.

Hope to see you there.